It Is already Prevented to Get World War 3 Start

  1. Preface

When I will descant on the reason first why I shall disclose a writing of the subscript before getting in the text of this note: by way of the particulars till now, at the stage of liberal translation which is prior than absolute translation of “Cleaning Results of Lucifer (Memoir)” in July, 2009, I sent it as the attached file of an email to Mr. Benjamin Fulford, successively I sent the same to Mr. David Icke and several man around the U.K. and asked them for negotiations with the British Government, and I travelled to the country in February, 2010 then handed it over a M.P. of the G.B. since results couldn’t be worked well as the substitute request.


Thereafter I have been ventilating the return as a resource of research effort article of the Kaiyoh Establishment for Research in the homepage “the Kaiyoh Center” in April, 2015 after some delays, then have felt without change the need of explanation to let you agree as the explanation was insufficient as a matter of course it was about the imperceptible world and had been required the prior information of big limit, for there seems that everybody of the majority couldn’t make perception ob course.


Hereupon, nonetheless I exposed ‘A Guidance of the Effects of “Cleaning of Spirit” for Obstructing the Plot to let World War Start by the Illuminati’ for my blog on March 5th, this year, this seems also people could not understand since it had a state from which it has been difficult to attract a lot of notification because of writing with refutation on others report. Consequently, I depicted it this time by arranging again the description of “It Is already Prevented to Get World War 3 Start” of the title and as much as possible by making contents easy to comprehend.


Incidentally, the aim of the previously introduced report: ”Cleaning Results of Lucifer (Memoir)” was ”The fallen angel Lucifer has been called the great king of demons, who is worshipped by the members of the Illuminati who have been plotting to control the world. After the war against Iraq by the U.S.A., the Illuminati are planning to let the U.S.A. attack Iran, so I attempt to clean Lucifer to make the U.S.A. stop the attack.” and main point of an effect was in the abstract: ”With trying to do cleaning of Lucifer, the U.S.A. Government stopped attacking Iran. Therefore, as the object of this was fulfilled, it was possible to state that the cleaning of Lucifer went well and its effect was confirmed.”(note: on the resource of research effort article of the homepage: “Cleaning Results of Lucifer (Memoir)”, the sentence of the object column of it has already changed the above.)


To put it shortly, but the Illuminati must have been plotting to get the War begin with getting the U.S.A. Government attack Iran having utilized the U.S., this means things that they had become not to be able to get the War start as the U.S. came to cannot but have cancelled to attack Iran owing to the cleaning of Lucifer which has advanced.


Then after that,  kindly understand me as the impulse of intending to clean Lucifer was my relief that I was going for blocking to start World War 3 as I hit upon instinctually “When attacks of the U.S. so far against all Islamic countries dilate till Iran it must have certainly resulted in to start War.”


  1. Pray

I am so much obliged to you for your goodness.

To all the people of the U.S.A.:

Thank you for demonstrating your roles as the U.S.A.
The substance that I explained at this article might not be normally what I must do, but this was the role that it had me order from the heavens, so please forgive me by all means.
May divine bless all the people of you.

To all the people of the whole world:

Thank you for demonstrating your roles as one in humankind.
The substance that I dwelled upon at this article was what naturally each government of every country should do, and it was not what I shall do, but it was the role that an order was given me by chance from the heavens, so I will be happy if you could forgive me.
May divine bless all the people of the whole world.


  1. Text

As foreign powers has bore on in the internal war in Syria by the designation of the Illuminati, and on the extremist group ISIS, the enrollment of it is not accepted in the cease-fire agreement between governmental forces and anti-governmental forces, which started in February, this year, it was likely even if the truce had been made to start, the problem of refugee seemed to continue unless foreign power will be withdrawn, and it does not seem to be still settled as was predicted.


Because dispute, the maelstrom of war and the terrorism in the Middle East since the 911 terroristic attacks of 2001 in the U.S.A. has not been composed yet, the current tragical confusion of Syria would have been causing, and the start of the political element, which these problems of the Middle East had been caused, is likely to have been going to begin in 1991.


Or, it is apparent that Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz of the George H. W. Bush (senior) Administration of the U.S.A, in 1991, had spoken that he extirpates Iran, Iraq and Syria and, in 1992, the Department of Defense made DPG (the Defense Planning Guidance) draft playing Deputy Secretary of Defense Wolfowitz a key role.


And the think tank on neo-conservative system PNAC (the Project for the New American Century) released the report “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” finally which is on the basis of this DPG draft in 2000, and divine will of the shock as “new Pearl Harbor” would be perhaps preached to create tomorrow’s dominant force in this report.


It is the meaning that 911 terrorism was played 2001 in the U.S. as the above mentioned “new Pearl Harbor”, and, in fact, 911 terrorism was started, which gave the whole earth a large shock based on the plot, because the plot that is trying to make World War 3 start has been continued confidentially in accordance with the secret society Illuminati.


Therefore, 911 terrorism was that, Satan created a plan of having World War cause for three times late 1800’s, and the Illuminati realized as previously arranged as the 1st World War and the 2nd in the 1900, got it give demonstrated acts in accordance with using mainly the U.S. Government in order to practice the task for the plan of World War of 3rd time in the beginning of the 2000.


As it is things that the text that the plan outlined are written in one letter of which date was on August 15, 1871, from Albert Pike (note 1) addressed to Mazzini (note 2), please refer to the site below (note 3).

(note 1) He was chosen as a general of the Civil War, and the founder of Ku Klux Klan and the representative of the North American Freemasonry at that time.

(note 2) It is thought whether he is an Italian Revolutionary leader Giuseppe Mazzini. The successor of Mazzini was Lenin and Trotsky.

(note 3) Three World Wars, Albert Pike and Three World Wars


The Illuminati is a society which is centered around the international financial plutocracy who has been named as Khazar Jew and had been worshiping Lucifer (the name on the Earth: Satan) who might be traditionally said as the fallen angel, and it is inferred that the fallen angel Lucifer planed to get World War cause for three times and telepathized it to Pike in a vision.


And understanding after “Three World Wars” was known is that there are hidden and recordless histories that the Illuminati and the government of each country, which are the subordinated organization holding a structure under it, had given effect to as it was previously planned until 2nd time.


On analysis, ultimate target of 911 terrorism was the start making which is vital to convey to start World War 3, and it became the field setting that bore resemblance to the surprise attack, which made cannot but bring the situation to start the War of U.S. – Japan at late World War 2, by the Japanese air force on the vessels of the U.S. navy force that were at anchor in the port of Perl Harbor at Hawaii.


Since you would be able to comply with if you stop to think about what happened in the mind of the U.S. people by the simultaneous terrorist attacks. Then, those that grew in the U.S. were anger to the Islam countries, hatred and resentment to Muslims.


Accordingly, being backed up by the negative sentiment of the U.S. people, within the course of 2001, U.S.A. President George W. Bush (junior, at that time) started doing of attacking on Afghanistan being run by the UN Security Council’s resolution, and 2003, advanced the forces into Iraq not knowing the UN Security Council’s resolution.


On it in autumn, 2005, I knew that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (at that time) planned that he attacks Iran in association with U.S. until the end of March, 2006 (note 4), has been warming and provably moves it to execute thereafter.

(note 4) All top Israeli officials have pronounced the end of March, 2006, as the deadline for launching a military assault on Iran. The thinking behind this date is to heighten the pressure on the US to force the sanctions issue in the Security Council. (James Petras Prof., Global Research, Israel’s War Deadline: Iran in the Crosshairs, December 25, 2005)


On this occasion, as the emergency risk was told solemnly through conscious intuitive power that will have surely and outright brought to open hostilities to World War 3 by all means by such orders just as Lucifer had planned when the war area lets have magnified over again to Iran, Lucifer was purified (“Cleaning of Spirit” was applied across the fallen angel Lucifer through Quantum Xrroid) since autumn 2005 until the coming spring (at long last, it was finished at March 8, 2006: note 5).


(note 5) The method that is named “Cleaning of Spirit” can alter from Negative Energy to Positive by means of purification, and it was summer-time of 2005 when this was developed, because a day of the operation is so far short on autumn when the purification of Lucifer has been started, though the determination criteria of completion should have been set afterwards, as it was in the state that there is nothing with criterion at this point in time, though the cleaning has been continued to the spring 2006 and should have been made it finish then, it looks like it had been actually achieved at December 2005.


Thus on March 21st, 2006, 10 years passed by now, president Bush expressed to cancel a plan of attacking Iran. If the attacks of the U.S., which had advanced Afghanistan and Iraq, could be ended at Iran, it is thought that it would have certainly fastened to get started World War 3, as there are a doubt for developing the nuclear weapons against Iran and a fact for holding of the nuclear weapons (that are undisclosed) in Israel, too.


It is for some reason or another that China and Russia has been deeply implicating in the nuclear facility running of Iran. As a matter of fact, though constructing plan of first nuclear power plant in Iran had been stopped for revolution, it has been able to roll with the help of Russia after 1990, and China joined 1996 to provide a blue print of a nuclear facility and construct the facility.


As it is the situation such as mentioned above, when both countries of the U.S. and Israel attack one of them and make it lead to a dire calamity, it is judged that China or Russia will hardly remain silent. That is, it is thought that the world would have surely developed into the war divided into the U.S., Israel side and Russia, China side.


As regards to the cleaning results, happiness will be if you would refer to the following material (note 6). Anyway, as someway World War 3 that was led just before starting war could be obstructed on having cleaned Lucifer, it comes that the effect of “Cleaning of Spirit” was testified.


(note 6) The Research Establishment for Kaiyoh, The Cleaning Results of Lucifer (Memoir), June 18th, 2006

(note 7) Omission


The conflicts and terrorism in the Middle and Near East until now are the results of the movements mentioned above, and the Illuminati after having lost the opportunity of the attack on Iran has got the people all over the world have a sensation of fear and tried to let fasten to start World War 3 somehow or other at a new opportunity by using the energy.


Frankly, it looks like that Lucifer had conveyed direction every time to the committee 18 for its conducts, which will be high-ranking and double structure of power with public government of the U.S., but the Illuminati also grows to have misplaced the fallen angel as was the compass before being revealed things the above, so that it had become extremely difficult that the Illuminati lets World War 3 fasten to start, because probably it might be educed that Lucifer will have left from the earth after having been cleaned by “Cleaning of Spirit”.


While this movement came up, although the negative energies ― evil spirits,  expelling spirits from Mars and reptilians ― have been cleaned from using the method above mentioned, who are related to each time when disputes or terroristic attacks are occurred in order to make the world close to permanent peace, I reported only few results with the Kaiyoh Center Blog and there are many results other than those.


Of course I would not say that this is all about, but as it shall be certain that  results of purifying using “Cleaning of Spirit” are going to appear sticking at, permanent peace becomes near at hand. Besides, it will be out of the action as of “the Association for World Peace” for it seems that a combatant of militant dispersing in each country has been causing the happening terrorism lately.