The Ascending Method at This Time (Alternated edition)

Though have I released the article “The Way of Ascension of This Time” by this blog on June 30, 2017, I needed to apprise all by way of “The Ascending Method at This Time (Alternated edition)” making some improvements with this content for having you bear in mind better.


(1) The folks who want to move to the 5-dimensional New Earth would go toward the Silk Road by the method that it will come to seeing through after the Ascension, following the addition of energy explained in (2), and you would become to moving to the New Earth getting on the train which will come to starting from the Silk Road explained below.


In other words, by the story from which the being in the world of underground near the Silk Road, it is likely that 5-dimensional doors of about thousand places along the Silk Road had made when Himalayan orogeny occurred, and recently it becomes to be able to go to the 5-dimensional New Earth getting on exclusive trains of the Silk Road through these doors, and it is things that the trains are leaving every day.


Still more, as all the animals will ascend, you do not need to be worry about pets. Namely, pets will behave after those owners who want to ascend.



(2) As the current Earth can be added otherworldly birthed energy thanks to higher dimensional existences with the Ascension, the surface of ocean and land or plant life are able to be regenerated altogether by the whole day, and aqua, wind and reddish soil could be purified perfectly, so the environment will be revived, and the mineral could be beginning to be built again and the new human race could be created with the alien gene.


Therefore, the persons who have nothing about the Ascension inform would become to leading lives enjoying again on the current Earth after regenerating several years later.



(note) On the date of ascending execution, it comes to alternating on “Saturday, November 24, 2018 or Sunday, November 25”, so you would notice. Please refer to “The Guidance on the Date and Time of Ascending Execution and Notabilia etc.