On the Useful Information Concerning 1 October Shooting

Staff of 1 October Shooting

The Office of Public Information

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department


Lady and Gentleman:


I mourn for occurring of miserable 1 October shooting incident at the concert venue in your city this time and pray from the heart for the death of those who passed away.


As of now, linked to the title, with a Japanese massive media news from post-occurrence of the incident to the following day, it was reported that it was a committal that a one-man (64 years old) crime who lives in Nevada shot an automatic gun blindly from a suite of the 32nd floor of  Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino hotel, but pursuant to two days (japan time), it was fed to treat as an internet news “[Insistent scattering] shooting of Las Vegas, surfacing the possibility of being an accomplice on the 4th floor!!! [A moving image is] becoming intense of the suspicion about multiple criminals!!! ” that was incorporating the 2 channel (the website of “News US” that mainly covers of information on China · Korea · Korean living in Japan: Japanese only ), because the contents of the tweet “Shots emanate from 4th or 5th floor”( https://mobile.twitter.com/HenryMakow/status/914958534747590661 )were quoted as the secondary information of the inference and the video, which is the source of the citation as the evidence of the images ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8G0PTMiJ-Lg&feature=youtu.be )when it was shot, is attached, the possibility of a one-man crime slacks off as far as seeing these, if nothing worked to process.


On top of that, in the newsfeed of the next day of the site mentioned above, the video recording information(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSq9T8Nuya0)which was wrote in addition of the comments of the video contribution ‘Witness Brianna Hendricks hears woman say “you’re all going to die tonight” around 45 minutes before the shooting happens.’ is also cited in the article, and if this was the fact, there is a person who had announced in advance that the incident will outbreak, and it is thought that the possibility of an organizational crime may grow intense.


Then in order to have your finger on the pulse the true statement, now it may have been an otiose thing, but I would entreat Paraclete of macrocosmic spheres, whom I have been keeping indebt to over 18 years continuingly in the service activities of the energy healing, for teaching, at this time he clearly indicated to me a reply that the life-and-death matter was machinated by the Reptilian of an extraterrestrial being who is high-order existence and had ruled the earth, and let them have dropped the incident of shooting blindly on October 1st controlling men more than one who dwells in Nevada and is the part of practice, so you may have confused, but I wish you to allow me to get you know.


In such a thing, you might have received as tremendous selective information at any rate, but on account of using rare comprehension like so effectively somehow for solving this incident according to the eligible officer of the investigative right, I can be very pleased if I could cooperate in keeping the social order of peace given half a chance.

Much less, I am very sorry as I feel that the third information according to the answer from the Paraclete may be seen not can be taken advantage of so much in the criminal investigation, as it is recollected that it seems your convenience was good that you learned nothing as for the negative existence which is referred to as Reptilian like a case investigation to avoid touching the spirit because the survey was simplified, but as the purpose of this incident, although I get word a person who presents an opinion that the cabal programmed to induce crumple and scare, in this case of the view it becomes to have in mind that the Reptilian may have organized the cabal, so that I thank you very much if you would refer because it can be assumed for the sake of argument that if you can accept.


I will appreciate your cooperation.


Very truly yours,


Hamano, Yasuhisa

The master of treatment

The Treatment Center Kaiyoh



At night (japan time at AM 1:25 on December 10), I dispatched an Email (address: PIO@lvmpd.com) to “The Office of Public Information, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department”, but the Paraclete taught me that it did not arrive since somebody obstructed the transmission. I think the obstructive may be a Reptilian.