About: Hamano, Yasuhisa

The Association for World Peace” was set up in 2004, but by devising and establishing the method named “Cleaning of Spirit” that I had been studying, it could open the Himeji branch and as a result of purifying the negative existences and making them positive by working on the practical activities by the “Cleaning of Spirit” in order to prepare for the fundament of world peace, we have prevented the opening of the World War three, the reduction of the world population and the implantation of microchips, the establishment of one world government based on the New World Order (NWO).


In the future as a leader of the Earth, I will create this blog as an effort to solve the problems of the world as well as dealing with the closest ascension, so I would be very pleased if you could make use of it.


In addition, as the homepage is “The Kaiyoh Center” (URL http://kaiyohcenter.jp), please refer.

Inquiry: office@kaiyohcenter.jp



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