The points at issue of the proposals of unifying the Korean Peninsula with Japan and treating North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as the symbol of unification

Representative Benjamin Fulford and the White Dragon Society released their proposals by paid weekly news on January 30, 2012 and paid email magazines on the same day as follows:


1. The whole Korean Peninsula is unified to Japan and the capital of this new entity is set up near Tenri City, Nara, East of Osaka.

(Reason) By substantial revival of the Empire of Great Japan, it makes larger than present Japan and makes Japan kept from being swallowed by China.

2. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is regarded as the symbol of unification and his own palace is given in the region.

(Reason) Japanese “kidnapped victim” Ms. Megumi Yokota is the mother of him and he can become the symbol of unification.


However, these proposals have basically the points at issue ― the fundamental mistakes of knowledge ― as follows.


First, as to 1., they explain “substantial revival of the Empire of Great Japan” for themselves, though the idea will go against the flow of the times toward the present world peace. Because the designation of “The Empire of Great Japan” came into existence in the era of imperialism when the Western Great Powers had competed to obtain colonies.


And it seems that the proposal of unifying the Korean Peninsula with Japan is being considered under the surface of the water. Although I will not raise an objection to the consideration itself about this matter, properly speaking, as these are being different countries at present, it should be decided naturally by the intentions of both nations whether both countries are reunited or not, in the first place.

Then it should be decided whether the Korean Peninsula would unify with Japan or not with paying regard to the intentions of both nations.


Secondly, as to 2., it relates to the thing that how did the thought of communism come into the world, so I will quote from a book for reference as follows (note: translated from Japanese).

<Starting quotation>

Eustase Mullins wrote in his book of 1992 edition, “The World Power ― our secret rulers” …

If Jewish International Financial Power do not support, back and promote,

(a) in the first place, neither the thought of communism (Marxism) nor its movement come into the world,

(b) and the events called as the Russian Revolution in 1917 (the February Revolution, the political power of Kerensky and the October Revolution) do not come about,

(c) and also the Government of Bolsheviks Communist Party of Soviet Union must have collapsed before one month.


It is not simply a thing of degree that 99% or more of the executives, right after being organized the political power of the Soviet Communist Party, were the Jews. It seems to be historical truth that communism (and socialism as the former stage) has been made and used, just as it is from the top of head to the tips of the toes, as Jewish weapon for enslaving the whole world. (Ryu Ohta, “Jewish Plot ― The Secret of the Movements of World Revolution”, 1995, Tairyusya, p16~17)

<Ending quotation>


That is to say, it is the true history of 20 century that Jewish International Financial Power made the Soviet Union of the communist state in 1917, and after making the communist’s power enlarge from here, they have made it confront with capitalism and finally plotted money-making by being made to break out wars.


Particularly in the Korean Peninsula, it has the circumstances that Stalin occupied the north part of the Korean Peninsula in August 1945, then he selected Kim Il-sung as the leader of the political power of Communist Party which the Soviet Union was planning to establish in the north part of the Korean Peninsula. (quoted some parts from Ja.Wikipedia 金日成and translated)


Moreover, both Stalin and Kim Il-sung conducted lots of purges and North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950 to stir up Korea War. Then Kim Jong-il who was the successor of Kim Il-sung stirred up the confrontation to irritate South Korea and Japan whenever there were matters by launching missiles and producing nuclear weapons, and also he was the ringleader who brought forth those kidnapped victims.


As stated above, I think it is needed to look over again as both1. and 2. aforesaid have the fundamental mistakes of knowledge and, especially as to 2., it will not be admitted by Japanese. Nowadays it is the time for Japan to accelerate the trend to make peace with Russia, China and Korea Peninsula after noticing the plot of Jewish International Financial Power that stirs up the conflicts between Russia, China, North Korea and Japan, South Korea, without being manipulated by it.

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