Is There a Possibility of the Coup Plot in the United States?

There seems to be the article about the assassination plot of American President Obama being in progress and the coup plot in the United States having a possibility.


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I do not know where you can trust it to, but there is information during progress in Obama assassination plot in earnest. One of the ringleaders is Netanyahu of the Israeli prime minister. Coup Plotter List in Post-Netanyahu America?

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There is simple abstracts of the article in “the Voice of Russia”. An information line:  The possibility of the coup plot soon in the United States? !

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It is not sure whether such a plan really goes, but it is a fact that the dissatisfaction and  stress for the Obama Administration increase to a peril point in the American inside.

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The origin of quotation: Yasushi Takashima, Tweet summary of 05/17, May 18, 2015


Because the content that was not reported in the general mass media is given by the article “Coup Plotter List in Post-Netanyahu America?” of mentioned above, I quote most.


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It is not unreasonable to assume that a conspiracy to murder President Obama is currently underway. 


We are of the belief that a series of EMP (quoter note) based weapons have been deployed within the US.

(quoter note) electromagnetic pulse

Only weeks ago, we came upon intelligence indicating that a key part of 9/11 involved taking down America’s stock markets and banking system by destroying key junctions in Fort Lee, New Jersey, on the George Washington Bridge and in the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels using massive conventional explosives, some as truck bombs.


Our assumption is that, with what we now know to have been the failure of 9/11, Gore disgraced, Lieberman in the White House, war with Iran, Pakistan and Turkey in the same meltdown we are seeing in Libya, most of Africa and Asia in total collapse, our “friends” are going to try a shortcut.


With the downfall of the CIA and the ludicrous alphabet soup monstrosities, the US is helpless in the face of a very real conspiracy.  Here is what we know or think or feel or whatever.


The group we have identified includes:


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and his interesting group of “friends”

The Bush Cartel/Jeb Bush and the Colombia Cartel

The Romney/Salinas Cartel

The Dallas Mafia and Hunt Family (s)

The Fox/Murdoch media group

The New York Times

GE Capital


The Jamestown Foundation

PJ Media

General Breedlove

Benjamin Netanyahu


Scott Walker

Supreme Court Justices

the United States Secret Service

and a list of energy, transportation and insurance corporation executives


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Quotation origin: Veterans Today, Coup Plotter List in Post-Netanyahu America?, March 15, 2015

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