Was the earthquake of Nepal the artificial earthquake that the dark powers caused?

An earthquake of M7.8 was generated in the suburbs of capital Katmandu, Nepal on April 25. From the graph indicating the wave pattern of the earthquake, there are some indications that it is an artificial earthquake.


In addition, it is touched saying that the cause that caused this artificial earthquake, in a message dated May 1 from the heaven as information to support this, was retaliation for the activation of StarGate which heaven performed.


<Quotation start>

One week after the activation of the StarGate to Andromeda at Lake Louise there was an Earthquake unleashed on the Buddhist town of Kathmandu killing over 6300 people. This was no mistake. This Earthquake was targeted as retaliation for activating the final step before Disclosure (quoter note 1). The removal of the quarantine means there is nothing that can stop Peace on Earth. This was a last final blow from those who are no longer in power and not long for this world (quoter note 2). One way or another they will be leaving now. Earth will be allowed to evolve naturally without war criminals set out to destroy Her (quoter note 3).

Because this was a mass psychological attack with not only a significant loss of life but also enormous loss of ancient Buddhist Temples, it qualifies as a case where Extraterrestrials and their technology may come in to assist humans in the next steps of bringing Divine government to Earth. This includes war reparations, a Divine Golden Age and reformation of all areas of life including healing, finances, education, energy, technology, travel and many more. Earth’s frequency is raised and the evolution continues.

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The origin of quotation: Lightworkers, Activating the Andromedan StarGate at Lake Louise, BC. A Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, May 1, 2015


(quoter note 1) disclosure is to disclose formally the past information indicating the existence of the Extraterrestrials.


(quoter note 2) it is thought that ” those who are no longer in power and not long for this world” are the existence of alchon.


(quoter note 3) it is thought that “war criminals set out to destroy Her” are the dark powers.


In brief, it seems that the power of the darkness who was tempted by the existence of alchon caused the artificial earthquake for the purpose of retaliation to activation of StarGate for the disclosure which the heaven performed and the destruction of Nepalese remains using HAARP (note) in Alaska.


(note) HAARP is an abbreviated designation of High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program , and it is said that is in Alaska. According to Wikipedia, it is said that it was closed down in May, 2014, but it is thought that it may be actually used.

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